Do you take insurance? No. What we do is create a statement that can be submitted to your insurance company.

Do you take medi-cal or Medicare? No.

I want to start buprenorphine. How much does it cost, ball-park? About $840 to start, $700 for the first month, and after that $280/month. If you have insurance, it often pays for a large fraction; decent insurance should cover about 2/3 of the costs below. Here is an example of the cost breakdown:

Intake + write-up , 120 minutes, either done all at once or over two sessions: $840
Follow up @ week 1 $420
Follow up @ week 3 $280
Follow up @ week 6 $280
Follow up @ week10 $280
Follow up @ 4 week intervals $280

Total cost for year 1 before insurance: $4900
Total cost for year 2 before insurance: $3640

The client may or may not need to come in within the first few days for titration.These costs don’t include labs or meds. If you have good insurance, you can estimate a monthly $25 co-pay for meds and $30 for labs. But insurance coverage is alas all too variable. Here are two useful links:


updated 9/27/20