Buprenorphine Prices

I’m a consumer too. Information regarding insurance reimbursement for things like labs, medications, and doctor visits is notoriously difficult to obtain up-front. To this end I am gathering datapoints from patients and will record them here. Everything below is from 2018-2020. Each line represents a different instance with a different patient. Your results may be wildly different. But it’s a start.

Insurance NameMedicationQuantityCostNotes
CignaSuboxone 8 mg strip21$176name-brand
CignaSuboxone 8 mg tab21$113.64generic
Blue Shield of CAbuprenorphine/naloxone56$5generic
Blue Shield of CAbuprenorphine/naloxone28$25generic
No InsuranceSuboxone 12 mg strip28$350name-brand
No InsuranceSuboxone 8 mg strip28$77with coupon
No Insurancebuprenorphine/naloxone 8/2 tablet3024.62with discount card